ActiveX Troubleshooting and Repair  

Common ActiveX problems

ActiveX is one of those useful tools that computer users can download and install on their computers.

These controls make it possible to use an applet from one program for another. However, like any computer file or program, ActiveX is also at risk of creating problems. Common ActiveX problems that occur include improper webpage load, inability to access user accounts, options beneath dropdown menu titles do not display, malware invasions, and script errors.

Security Threats due to ActiveX

Unfortunately, the presence of ActiveX on a computer opens it up to various security threats. ActiveX controls are installed on computers to enable the user to be able to perform certain tasks. Unfortunately, once this ActiveX control has been installed, it also enables others to use it to gain remote control over the computer. In fact, ActiveX controls can be used to house various forms of malware. In order to protect yourself against this type of security threat, you should:

       Scan your machine regularly with an anti-virus/anti-spyware application.

       Modify the security setting on your Web browser so that unauthorized controls are not placed on your computer. Set it up to alert you when unauthorized ActiveX applications attempt to gain access to your machine.

       Use a firewall and set it up so that only approved ActiveX applications access your machine.

ActiveX Errors: Registry Keys

Occasionally, ActiveX errors will occur that will not be the result of outside influences. When the computer registry becomes cluttered with files that are no longer in use, files that have become misplaced, or files that are broken, this can lead to ActiveX errors. When registry files have become cluttered or fragmented, the computer has difficulty accessing the files that it needs. ActiveX files while different than other files will fall prey to the same type of problem, causing the computer to function improperly.

In this case, you should clean the registry on a regular basis to delete invalid registry entries that could be creating the errors. You can download and install a registry cleaner to put all of the files back where they belong. Once you correct the problems using a registry cleaner, your computer should return to optimal performance.

ActiveX Errors: Internet Explorer

Web browser settings can also account for problems with ActiveX. In order to correct these problems, follow these directions to adjust the settings in Internet Explorer:

       Open Internet Explorer.

       Select the Tools option from the menu that runs across the top.

       Select the option labeled Internet Options.

       Select the option labeled Security in the dialog box that appears.

       Change or make sure that the setting for the Security Zone has been set to Medium.

       Select the option labeled Custom Level and make sure that each one of the following areas has been set to the enabled position: Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins, Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting, and Scripting.

       Once you have enabled the settings, select OK.

       Select OK again so that the changes that you have made are saved.


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