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Common ActiveX questions and solutions

How can I stop the computer from asking if I want to allow ActiveX controls to run?

Since ActiveX controls are often misused, the default security settings on the web browser are often set to prompt this question. If you wish to disable this feature, follow these directions for Internet Explorer 8 or similar ones for a different version:

·       Open Internet Explorer.

·       Navigate to the Tools menu and select it.

·       Select Internet Options.

·       Highlight the tiny Internet globe by clicking on it and select Custom Level.

·       Navigate to Settings and look for the section on ActiveX and Plug-ins.

·       Look for the option for “Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls” and set it to disable to shut off the messages and prompts that appear each time an ActiveX control is about to run.

·       Now look for the option to “Download signed ActiveX controls.” Make sure that it is enabled to run.

Why aren’t my ActiveX controls working?

Unless your web browser settings have been configured properly, you might experience problems with ActiveX. In order for it to function properly, it needs to be enabled. Follow these directions for Internet Explorer (or a similar set depending on your version):

·       Open Internet Explorer.

·       Navigate to the Tools section of the menu.

·       Select Internet Options.

·       Select the option for security.

·       Select the option for Customize and look for the section dealing with ActiveX.

·       Search for the option “Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins.” Make sure that it is enabled to run.

·       Search for the option “Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting.” Check that this feature is enabled to run.

How come my ActiveX controls stopped working when I uninstalled a software program?

Older software applications often uninstalled shared files along with the rest of the application. When this happens, other applications might not work anymore due a file being missing. If you reinstall the application, it should reinstall the missing ActiveX file or DLL file used to run it.

What is the most common fix for ActiveX errors?

Quite often, ActiveX errors occur because of a problem with files located in the registry. The files might be missing, invalid, or broken. The cure for this is to download, install, and run a reliable registry cleaner to repair the files. Of course, if you keep up-to-date with updates for your operating system as well as your browser, you will be able to obtain the latest existing hot fixes for problems with ActiveX controls.

How can a specific ActiveX control be disabled?

If you decide at some point that you wish to disable an ActiveX control that you previously installed, follow these directions:

·       Open Internet Explorer.

·       Navigate to and select the Tools section of the menu.

·       Select the option to Manage Add-ons.

Search for the particular ActiveX control that you no longer want, highlight it, and select disable. Repeat this step for each ActiveX control that you wish to disable.

Im having a problem with unresolved Chkdsk errors after I finally got the activex control problem resolved.

Everything about Chkdsk errors is  at this site.

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