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How to install ActiveX for Facebook

You’ve probably seen a pop up message asking you to install ActiveX while you are browsing the Internet. If you’ve ignored that message, you probably found out that ActiveX is an important component for viewing and uploading photos, gathering data and viewing animation.

ActiveX controls are small program blocks that are used to create applications on the Internet through web browsers – most often Internet Explorer. ActiveX enables different software applications to share functionality and information and gives you an easier and smoother browsing experience.

If you find that you are having issues viewing elements in Facebook, you may need to tweak the ActiveX controls on your system. Most of the time, you will see an ActiveX message when you are trying to upload more than one photo at a time or are trying to view photos. These instructions will also work if you have chosen to ignore a pop-up message about ActiveX and don’t know how to bring it back.

1.    Get into Internet Explorer and find the Toolbar.

2.    Click on the Tools button and find the Security tab.

3.    Click on Custom Level. Scroll down until you see “ActiveX controls and plug-ins”.

4.    Double click on the title and open up the sub-options.

5.    Click on the ones that have “Recommended” next to them. Do not click on everything, or those that are not recommended as you could quickly leave your system vulnerable to viruses and spyware.

6.    Close the boxes and exit out of Tools.

When you’re done with that step, restart Internet Explorer and go to the page where ActiveX is needed or where you’ve seen the ActiveX message in the past. When you see the message to install ActiveX, click on the yellow bar and select Allow and Choose to Install ActiveX Controls.

If you’re still having trouble and aren’t seeing the message regarding installing ActiveX, you may need to set your system to allow pop-ups as your pop-up blocker may be stopping the message from popping up to alert you. To do this in Internet Explorer:

1.    Get into Internet Explorer and then choose Tools.

2.    Choose Pop-up Blocker. If you don’t see this option, you probably have a third party pop-up blocker installed on your security software. To change this, get into your security software by clicking on the icon on the toolbar or in the Programs list. Add Facebook’s address to your list of allowed websites.

3.    Choose Pop-up Blocker Settings. Type in the address and then choose Add.

4.    Close all Windows.

If you have Firefox, you can allow Facebook pop-ups by following these steps:

1.    Click on Tools and then Options.

2.    Click on the Web Features icon.

3.    Choose Allowed Sites.

4.    Type in the Facebook address and click Allow.

5.    Click Ok and then Exit. 

Once you have allowed pop-ups and adjusted the ActiveX controls on your browser, you should be able to utilize ActiveX on Facebook.


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