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How to install ActiveX for Firefox

ActiveX has been designed to work with Windows operating systems and Internet Explorer as the browser. It assists in the loading of a number of applications including Quicktime, Flash, Windows Media Player, and more. ActiveX controls are not officially supported by the Firefox web browser. Although earlier versions of Firefox did support ActiveX, the later versions do not and as such, it is not possible to install the original ActiveX controls on Firefox. You can install a variety of plug-ins that provide similar features for Firefox. Some differences do exist in functionality.

Alternatives to ActiveX: Plug-ins

In order to install ActiveX Plug-ins for the Firefox browser, you must access the website that offers the plug-in. First, check to make sure that you haven’t already downloaded and installed the plug-in earlier by following the directions labeled, steps needed to check on status of plug-ins. When you access a website that uses an ActiveX control, a message should be generated informing you of this requirement for accessing the website.

Steps Needed to Check on Status of Plug-ins:

·       Open your browser.

·       Select Tools from the menu across the top of the page.

·       Select Add-ons.

·       Search for the specific plug-in that you want on the list. If it is listed, then you already have it installed. If it is not listed, you are missing it and need to access the website that offers the download.

Downloading Plug-ins on Firefox: 

·       Visit the website that offers the download that you need.

·       Select the download that is appropriate for your version of Windows and browser.

·       Select the Download Now tab.

·       In the generated dialog box, select the Download Now tab.

·       Save the file by selecting the Save File tab.

·       Once the file has completed downloading onto your computer, select the Open tab in the Download Manager.

Alternatives to ActiveX: Netscape Plug-in Application Programming Interface

For those who want to use ActiveX controls, the Netscape Plug-in Application Programming Interface or NPAPI system performs tasks similarly to the tasks performed by ActiveX. It has proven to be a useful substitute for Firefox as well as other web browsers that do not support ActiveX. The NPAPI system is basically the equivalent of an ActiveX control. It may have a better security feature, but this is offset by the fact that it has less functionality than ActiveX controls themselves.

Alternatives to ActiveX: Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in

Fortunately, for those who want to be able to access movies and videos, a Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in does exist. This plug-in utilizes the ActiveX controls that are required by Windows Media Player. Follow these directions to install it properly.

·       Close all browser windows except the one that you will be using to access the download for the Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in.

·       Complete a search for the plug-in on Microsoft’s website.

·       Since the installation of this plug-in occurs automatically, all you need to do is click the install tab. Click it once to download the Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in.

·       Read the security warning that appears. This may or may not happen.

·       Click the install tab again to install the Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in.

There are numerous other plug-ins available for Firefox that offer similar access to that featured here. Simply conduct a search for the ones that you need and follow the directions provided on the website.


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