ActiveX Troubleshooting and Repair  

How to install ActiveX for Internet Explorer

ActiveX controls are small program blocks that create applications on the Internet through web browsers – most often Internet Explorer. ActiveX allows different software applications to share information and functions and gives you a smoother browsing experience.  It is usually used to view photos or animation, gather data or upload information to different websites.

ActiveX is installed automatically with Internet Explorer. If you have installed IE, you should have ActiveX controls running on your computer. When an application needs to install an ActiveX control, you will see a pop-up message that will allow you to choose to install that application. You may have a problem if your system doesn’t allow pop-ups. To fix this for a particular website when using Internet Explorer:

1.    Get into Internet Explorer and click on Tools.

5.    Choose the Pop-up Blocker option. If you don’t see this option, you may have third party security software that has a pop up blocker installed. For this situation, get into your security software by clicking on the icon on the toolbar or in the Programs list. Add the website’s address to your list of allowed websites.

6.    If you do see the Pop-Up Blocker option, choose Pop-up Blocker Settings. Type in the address of the website and then choose Add.

7.    Close all Windows.

Like most things on the Internet, some programmers use ActiveX controls for malicious purposes. Some sites might use them for things like collecting your browsing information and installing pop-up ads that you don’t want on your computer. You should only allow ActiveX controls to be installed from Internet sites that you trust. In general, if the ActiveX control isn’t necessary for your computer to run, avoid problems and don’t install it.

If you have ignored an ActiveX pop-up that you later realize you need, you can get into your ActiveX settings and adjust them.

1.    Get into Internet Explorer and find the Toolbar.

2.    Click on the Tools button and then on the Security tab.

3.    Choose Custom Level. Scroll down until you see “ActiveX controls and plug-ins”.

4.    Double click on that and open up the options.

5.    Choose the ones that have “Recommended” next to them. Do not choose everything, or the ones that are not recommended as you could leave your system vulnerable to viruses and spyware.

6.    Close and exit out of Tools.

7.    Go back to the website that requires ActiveX controls and you should see the pop-up to install the add-on.

If you have an ActiveX control on your computer that you want to remove:

1.    Go to Start and then Control Panel.

2.    Go to Add/Remove Programs.

3.    Click on Install/Uninstall.

4.    See if the ActiveX control is in the list of installed programs. If it is, click on Add/Remove programs to remove it.

If you don’t see it on the list, go to Windows Explorer.

  1. Double click on the Windows\Downloaded Program Files folder.
  2. Find the ActiveX control in the folder, right click on it and choose Delete.

Finally, launch Internet Explorer and click on Tools > Manage Add-ons. Here, you’ll find a list of browser Add-ons, including ActiveX controls. Select the control that you no longer want and click on Disable.


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